Obama Care Microchip Implant

ObamaCare has a microchip implant for you… The Obama Health care bill includes (under Class II, Paragraph 1, Section B) “(ii) a class II device that is implantable”. Then on page 1004 it describes what the term “data” means in paragraph 1, section B:

14 (B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to
15 information respecting a device described in paragraph (1),
16 including claims data, patient survey data, standardized
17 analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of
18 data from disparate data environments, electronic health
19 records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the
20 Secretary

What is a class II device that is implantable?

Implantable VeriChip

As approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an “implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information.” In other words, that microchip the so called wackos have been warning you about is now written into law. Whether these become mandatory or not will largely depend on public backlash, but recipients of Medicare and SSI will likely be strongly encouraged to participate if not required as a condition of care.  Most people will voluntarily switch to ObamaCare as its health reforms of the insurance industry drive the already outrageous premiums charged by private insurance companies through the roof. The children of adults switching to ObamaCare will likely be chipped as well, including infants at the time of birth. This would be under the Children’s Health Insurance Program appropriately called CHIP. With ObamaCare promising to have lower insurance rates than private insurers odds are good that many or eventually even all private insurers will go out of business, leaving that “voluntary opt-in” ObamaCare insurance the only insurance Americans can get. Similar programs are likely underway throughout the world. This of course would include you.

RFID VeriChip Data

RFID VeriChip Data

99 thoughts on “Obama Care Microchip Implant

  1. Next year this voluntary program will go into effect? The Biblical prophesy is that those who refuse the chip (the mark of the beast) will be unable to buy or sell anything and will be punished by beheading. More immediately, the present VeriChip will cause a fatal dose of lithium to be released into your bloodstream if you try to remove the chip. You have been warned by the wingnuts, so it is your fault that you refused to listen.

    1. Wisconsin’s former governor Tommy Thompson supported the idea of chip implantation for
      medical identification reasons; he even joined Verichip’s board of directors. However, he hasn’t gotten the chip himself.http://www.livescience.com/4108-state-outlaw-mandatory-microchip-implants.html
      Tommy George Thompson (born November 19, 1941) is a United States Republican politician who was the 42nd Governor of Wisconsin from 1987 to 2001 and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services from 2001 to 2005. Thompson was a candidate for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, but dropped out early after a poor performance in polls.[1] In 2012, he is the Republican nominee for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Herb Kohl.[2]

  2. We all know that the KJV Bible states that there WILL be a mark of the beast. We look at this and freak, but study Gods word and if you follow it to the fullest, then you will know that he will take care of his people and that this will, YES, eventually come to pass, but we will have his hedge of protection and guidance upon us. Its gonna be worth everylong mile, everyheart ache and every trial, some beautiful day when we see God face to face

    1. See, say and do: we are not GOD’s puppets: and those whom have sat by and not utilized their Free Will against EVIL can finally congratulate themselves…for doing nothing…along with the 47% Gov Teet Mongers…

    2. it is insane that we as human beings should have to put up with all this Bullshit in this world and now we are going to have a micro chip implanted in our hand.
      What about our Rights as human Beings
      this is my Opion

  3. We will see if this microchips will be the one written in the bible in Revelation 13:16-18. If any of you did not accept our Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, then please close your eyes and pray to Him our God and ask Him your forgiveness of your sins and tell Him you love Him and you want to come back to Him. God Bless you.

  4. It’s just a waste of time,we don’t need it anyway and it is scary because that is the mark of the beast as the bible in revelation tells us. Don’t let them mark u!

  5. They have been doing this for years to our soldiers and other military personnel. Not to mention our pets. What makes folk think that regular people would be exempt? Yes, it’s an anti-christ mark-of-the-beast. Along with national id’s and even drivers’ liscense. Think, people, think!!!

      1. You may not have one (that you know of) but there are soldiers that do. Also politicians and “important people” in various agencies, etc…

  6. It is time for all christians to stand united against this mark. The bible mentions that this is the mark of the Beast at the end of times. All those who love the LORD must say NO to the chip. They are smart trying to implant the chip thru our health system.

    Also, this is also an invasion of our privacy, no one should be obligated to be Chipped.

      1. Wisconsin’s former governor Tommy Thompson supported the idea of chip implantation for
        medical identification reasons; he even joined Verichip’s board of directors. However, he hasn’t gotten the chip himself.http://www.livescience.com/4108-state-outlaw-mandatory-microchip-implants.html
        Tommy Thompson

        Thompson circa 2001
        United States Secretary of Health and Human Services
        In office
        February 2, 2001 – January 26, 2005
        President George W. Bush

        1. Good (or should I say BAD) to know? ;o) There really ARE a lot of great applications for verichips, including tracking for medicine, children, criminals, and hell… why not just everyone everywhere everyminute?

  7. There is no point in trying to stop this-Bible prophecy will be full filled-Now is the time-to get on fire for our Lord!

      1. What is wrong with our country!!! What happen to We The People Of The United States Of America!! This isn’t we this is just one!! Which is Obama!! Our government is controlling ” We The People Of The United States Of America” !! As we the people should make a stand!! But it won’t do any good because they WILL DO as they please as if this is their land and not ours ..to say to what We THINK!! Nor to what we actually need!! Why must it be so hard to have the pursue of happiness!!

        1. I’m not sure where the present law stands with all the new bills passed every day @Thomas but the fact is it has been in the legislation and is or will again be until it is passed and eventually enforced. Remember, EVERYTHING the NAZI’s did in Germany was LEGAL. EVERYTHING! The laws that allowed them to kill millions of their own citizens were called the “enabling laws” that enabled them do to what they did legally. There is little or no difference between the legislation Germany was passing then to the legislation being passed in Congress today…

      1. Meg ,you cant believe snopes.it is funded by George Soros.if you dont know he is a far left socialist who wants to collapse our countries economy.he is a billionaire who supports many ,many far left organizations.

    1. that’s what we get when we gave this person that is from the middle east that place in goverment we need impeach him and all of those in the white house let’s all band together and take back the white house before this happens this is our country not his he is not from here he can not take away our rights to decide what we want this country is basic upon freedom and that sorry ———can not take it from us let’s rise and take a stand like true americans do and tell him to KISS OUR ASS AND HE CAN GO BACK TO HELL WHERE HE BELONGS

  8. Although we should be continually on fire for the Lord regarding his return, this seems to be one of those cases where people are finding a devil in every corner. We should always be ready to fight and stand up for what is right.

    I read the Snopes article linked by Duke (thanks for that) which states that this comes from a much earlier version of the bill which was never signed into law. Moreover, the verbiage quoted never made it into the law. Anyone reading down this far in the comments should go back and read the article, if you have not already done so.

    Finally, U.S. citizens can effectively fight this law by urging their state representatives to exercise the 10th ammendment of the U.S. Constitution and draft a state nullification of this health-care law. Such a nullification would render “Obamacare” null-and-void in their state and make it a crime for anyone to attempt to enforce this law in their state. The results of this action effectively stop the law in it’s tracks and make it of no effect. This is preferable to creating lawsuits that are long, drawn-out, and have an uncertain outcome. With enough states on board, this law would become essentially useless and unenforceable.

  9. What is it going to take for those of you who have been luke warm, wake up and get ready this is a wake up last call repent and get on fire for our Lord who gave everything for us and for all the others how much more do you need ?

  10. There is no way I’m going to allow anyone to put a mark-tracking device or any other kind of device in my body. I thought we lived in a free country. I guess not. Time to leave for greener pastures I think. We were ddomed as soon as we let Obama in office and I believe it really started much earlier than him.

  11. Any man or woman that receives this mark is doomed forever,devil is very smart,crafty and treacherous and so are his men doers-that prosecute his eternal agenda.Jesus said,let no man deceives you.In fact the very elect shall be deceived if he’s or she’s not careful.Christians have got to be alive and be more sensitive to be able to hear the voice of the trumpet that may sound any moment from now.We must be ready more than ever to meet the Bride groom–Our Lord and Savior- JESUS CHRIST on His glorious appearance.Amen

    1. Those who refuse will die…
      A current ex of force are the SMART MEters: kids in school for lunch now use handprints; then we have Military and Welfare cards for food or credit aka Public Assistance..

      1. obama himself stated that his “biological father” is/was a muslim….in muslim families the religion gets handed down from father to son…which makes him biologically a muslim…also Mr. soetorro another muslim married his mother after obamas father left and they moved to indonesia where he went to school at a muslim school and learned the religion completely…this is archived historical fact that comes straight out of obama’s mouth..hes not disputing it. look it up

  12. Mr Obama can take his OBAMA CARE and stick it where the sun don’t shine. And he can do the same with those chips! My man and I vote no to allow the likes of you to run this country any further into the ground, it’ll take years of another’s mans sweat and heart to get American and her people back on the right road to recovery. I call on every person old enough to vote, to go and vote against Onama/Biden…these two are out to destroy America the way we once new it! They want to rule out country!

    1. If Obama is voted in you won’t have a choice. The goverment will soon take over health care and have full control of the Americans.

  13. It’s true people why do you think they took ” In God We Trust ” off our money. It’s a Antichrist movement. The Jews thought Hilter wasn’t real either. They want to control the intrnet too. Read the healthcare bill it’s scary. So many people following a false prophet. Wake up for God sakes!

  14. The one thing I see on here that everyone seems to agree with is the Bible and the “Mark of the Beast”. Yes it is coming, somehow, someway, someday. But lets concentrate on helping people get saved throught the blood of Christ, and let God handle the unfolding of the world. :)

  15. Is this the buy or sell chip? Does this mean if I don’t accept this for health I will be denied to buy or sell right then and get my head chopped off?

  16. And now I have talked to my grandmother and even read an article where the KJV explains this that this microchip is supposedly counterfeit and Satan deceiving people into believing it is the mark. Doesnt the Bible state on the forehead or hand not in them? And it seems the KJV means not buying or selling means being in Heaven with God. Does the KJV talk about beheading? Its been a while since I last read the Bible.

    1. the Bible does actually talk about beheading. I just read the book of Revelation day before last. But, there is also a rumor going around that there are hundreds of boxcars with shackles welded to them, complete with a guillotione in them. It is very scary to think about it. But, upon doing other research, the Bible also says that the church is holding satan back. Satan cannot do any evil until the “bride” is taken to heaven. so, I relax in the fact that the Rapture will come before this happens. For once the church is taken, then the antichrist will be revealed, and thus begins hell on earth.

      1. That’s how I was taught, but now I’m not so sure I’m positive about a pre-tribulation rapture. There are some good reasons not to believe in one and I’ll be posting a video series that explains it soon. ;)

  17. Well the American people just voted for a new president and they are going to get what they asked for, total control of their lives. This chip is the “mark of the beast” and the begining of the endtimes. If you don’t know the Lord you best hurry up and get saved cause there is a one way road to hell coming up. There are so many misdirected and uninformed citizens in this country who just let anybody lead them down the road with promises and decpitions, wake up America!!!!! you just gave your freedom away last Tuesday November 6th 2012.

  18. Interesting!! You may also want to check out FEMA concentration camps. Also raptureready.com a Great resource for the days ahead!

  19. If it is written that this is the sign of the mark of the beast and all is lost then you should already know whats gonna happen next. The bible predicts it so it’s gonna happen regardless of if you accept it or not. All you can do is get right with God.

  20. The government can use there super computer to control the entire population with these chips, once there implanted in the majority of people then the machines will take over. 12/21/2012 marks the end of our country being free and the begining of our worst nightmares. Many will have to give up there lifes for what is right–FREEDOM!!!!!!!

  21. You think Obama “providing” that all Americans have a biochip implanted into them is bad? Obama is currently working on banning guns, if not ALREADY banned them. Now, I don’t know if he’s temporarilty suspending the right to bear arms or just completely ripping it out of the Constitution… but that’s OUR RIGHTS! Given to us by the Fathers of this country. Now, if you guys think these words are being considered too dangerous to be said, then these call for dangerous times. Get ready for a revolution, America. The first step into establishing a dictatorship, is unarming the citizens, and tracking their every move…

    1. Cute email address Marcos, and there’s a lot of people who feel like you do. The others can’t see it, but let’s just say for our readers that lick.mythree@ and lick.mysix@ would also be funny ;)

    1. @CC Snopes is now a hoax and is owned, at least in part, by enemy of the USA George Soros. However you are correct in that the chip part of the bill did not make it into the final bill and if you read the comments you would know that ;) … As for the picture being of a glucose monitor, we dunno what you been smoking, but that’s an implantable RFID chip you can get at any livestock supply or veterinarians office and is also implantable in humans.

    1. The Snopes entry is misleading and inaccurate. While the proposed language does NOT mandate chipping, careful reading of the language of the bill shows that it would def be possible under that language to mandate chipping without further legislation.

  22. This is creepy to point we have no private to our own lives by our own choice. This is like cult of sort. Forget it that I would ever go into volunteer for this piece of crap. Not worth my time. If its only specific for HEALTH but nothing else no if or what if. That would be total different story. Otherwise forget it. Save money wise.

  23. The Beast is alive and you will ALL serve him! Resistance is futile! Prepare for your implant when you turn in your guns, you ignorant redneck slaves!
    We shall be tracking this site so you people can be first in line!
    Hail Obama!

  24. It’s unfolding all the prophesies in the bible in our time, we are in the last generation, if you don’t believe it’s up to you,,if you’d decide to be implanted & changed your mind to take it out you can’t do it,God’s wrath awaits those who take the “mark.” Revelation 14:9-11 .” And I heard a great voice and of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.And the first went , and poured out his vial upon the earth: and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.” The one who tried to take out the microchip can’t do it, it will become bowls.

  25. This is the mark of the beast, slavery in 2013, violation of or privacy and constitutional rights!!!!!! Who ever loves our country, stand up and fight against this devilist act!!!!!!

    1. I have warned people for years now that this was coming and everyone laughed at it,…..no one is going to be laughing very soon,…..and lets not forget about the drones the want to use here in the united states,….to spy on people,…..these people must be stopped at all costs,……before its too late

  26. I’ll take my chances refusing the chip….everything that I have read on this is pointing to the end of times. They work it by saying that this is for healthcare and not for financial purposes as stated in the bible…but once they get everyone to agree who is to say that they we are not being tricked and end up using these chips for financial means. Why not just swipe my drivers license for medical purposes???? Isn’t that the purpose for the barcode on the back??? To find out my info????

    1. Dana,this chip is the begining of the end.the Gov.can do it by swiping our license.but these things MUST come to pass.we ARE at the end times.ive heard it all my life heck my great grandma heard it all her life that Gods comming soon.well theres NO denying this is the end!!!and no matter how bad it will get,its beyond our imagination,DO NOT hv that chip put in!!!!!!!yes we will suffer,we will be tortured,theyll use our kids to get us to take it,n head cut off,but we HAVE to say NO!!No matter the pain,the threats of our loved ones to get this chip.We hv to stand strong and not renounce God. we will lose our lives for sticking w/our faith but it will be worth eternity in Heaven!!!The end is HERE not near but here!!NOWS when all believers need to do what they can to win souls to God and to also draw closer to Him!!cuz soon God will remove His hand of protection over the earth,n we wont hv the Holy Spirit to lead us in the right direction n tell us to pray,we will be on our own itll be HARD but STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!we dont need anything they r doing,the gov. but it has to come to pass n if pep dont believe in this Bible stuff READ it,Revelations,new international versions easier to understand,not a slam.but all threw the Bible theres been prophecies n theyve came to pass.n this prophecy is the Big one!!I just cant c how pep dont believe in the Bible or God!!but I hope n pray pep will turn from their evil ways n accept Jesus Christ into their lives before its to late!!I believe its happening,but its like wow its REALLY happening now,our generation!!We will not no the day nor time of His return,but we will no the season!!ALL believers lets start witnessing like weve never done before.n pray for ourselves n others to stay n keep that faith n not give in to the world n what they will hv to offer to make this chip sound ohhhh soooo good!!Help us Lord to hv the strength to not give up on U,U didnt give up on us as u were being beat n hung on that cross n died for US!!Thank you Jesus for ALL Uve done!!We may not understand why things happen,but dont give up n we will no why when we get to Heaven!!!God Bless ALL!! DONT LOSS THE FAITH!!!!

  27. this is BS we dont need this , why so the government can baby sit us and take all our money and jobs away screw this we dont need!!!!!!!!

  28. This is not just for the medical purpose it is a tracking device to know where you going and also where you going they also want to know what you doing with your government benefit

  29. Don’t you people think that if they were going to put this into action, it would’ve been done already? If this chip has been around for so long, how come Obama never made a move those 4 years in the past?
    I’m sorry, but it would’ve been done by now. And there’s a lot more to the tribulation than JUST the mark of the beast. Like for example: the antichrist claiming to be the messiah. As far as I know Obama has claimed no such thing. Also, there’s no world peace like it says after the Antichrist comes. Lot’s of points no one’s bothering to pay attention to.
    Me personally, I’m just gonna chill and let whatever happens happen. Because honestly, all this doom talk is getting a little old. We don’t know, simple! Haven’t we been saying people are the antichrist for generations? Like Hitler? That happened 50+ years ago. I’m sure there are other figures, but we need to stop worrying.
    It doesn’t matter what we think, God’s going to do what he’s going to do when the time is right. Not on our watch or how many signs we *really* think we’re seeing.
    I’m sure if you did thorough enough research, there have been similar “signs” throughout time.
    Besides, there’s nothing in the Bible that says he has to be from the United States. I’ve noticed a pattern where people from the US always pick their president.

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