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Research Firm Blames Monsanto for Bee Deaths So…Monsanto Buys It

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Monsanto, the company whose genetically modified corn has been identified as the possible cause of the collapse of the bee population, has purchased one of the very research laboratories that identified them in it’s reports. Beelogics, a research firm committed to “restoring bee health and protecting the future of insect pollination” was recently purchased by Monsanto for an “undisclosed” sum of money.

Monsanto, the genetically modified food, pesticide, and general overall poison producing giant, appears to have learned this old technique from the tobacco companies’ playbook and decided to buy this lab that has been publishing scientific reports linking Monsanto to the declining bee population.

Beelogics has researched two critical bee issues: colony collapse disorder and Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus since 2007. In late September of last year, Monsanto acquired Beelogics for an undisclosed amount. In making this purchase, Monsanto now has control of research that has previously pointed at its pesticides for contributing to – if not outright causing – a sharp decline in bee populations. Multiple studies in recent years have linked pesticides and high fructose corn syrup with colony collapse disorder. Needless to say, Monsanto derives a large % of it’s profits from pesticides and GMO corn which is used to make high fructose corn syrup. I guess Monsanto has decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

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